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The Collection Of Ocultos entre el bosque is based on a surrealistic forest where there is a combination of man made environment and raw nature living within each other. The Garments are inspired by the armor of insects combined with the soft obscurity of a forest by nightfall.
Zyanya was Inspired by the work of Roxy Paine, who makes life sized trees made out of steel, and by the work of Mike Libby, who combines insects with mechanical pieces. These elements, combined with the views on reality and fantasy inspired her to create a futuristic forest that merge man made objects with nature. This inspiration  acquired a dark yet inviting quality that is more of a fairytale with an apocalyptic feel. But as a world with a positive outlook to the future, where more beauty is created rather than total destruction.  
By capturing different hues, colors and glistering of light and shadow she added an atmosphere with a sense of mystery  to what is hidden and cannot be seen, but can be sensed. The garments incorporate the rigidness of the armor of insects with the textures and organic fluidity of their environment.
Photography Linda Mosterd
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