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The collection of “Haven” is inspired by albinism, which is a genetic congenital disorder which results into partial or total absence of pigment in the skin, eyes and hair.

There is a higher susceptibility to albinism places such as in Ukerewe Island, a place were many albinos were taken to and abonded by their families.
This collection focuses on albinos in Tanzania how they have been hunted by witch doctors who use their body parts for potions. In other cultures sometimes abnormalities are celebrated and revered, like in India, where children have been born with extra limbs and treated as reincarnations of goddesses as opposed to albinos in Africa who have been abondoned, isolated and hunted.
With this collection I want to bring attention to the subject and in a way celebrate their lifes. Haven suggest a safe place. The pieces from the collection suggest fragility with delicate and intricate beading, there is a lot of texture which have been inspired by skin surfaces, like African scarification patterns. There is a focus in beading techniques, since in many cultures they are used for ornament and symbolic purposes. 
Photography: Linda Mosterd, Styling: Pascal Joel Weber, Makeup: Erika Nuijten, Hair: Sanjay Ramcharan, Model: Elite model Management Amsterdam
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