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The ocean possesses an aura of mystery, adventure and intrigue mankind have always been attracted to it’s wonders and danger. The collection explores legends and myths of the sea, essentially focusing on sea monsters.
She is fascinated by the idea that there could be an existence of mythical creatures luring  somewhere in the depths of the ocean, sometimes surfacing to create havoc. One of her main inspirations was the Kraken a sea monster of gigantic proportions who would drag ships into the abysmal sea.
 As in Zyanya’s previous collection; Ocultos entre el bosque, her work reflects how she is influenced by organic shapes and demonstrates her signature intensive handwork. She expanded the use of sequins to create fluid skeleton like shapes and textures.
The sequins capture a glistening effect with movement, making a reference to the luring movements that such sea monsters would have. The collection embodies their secrecy  as well as a sense of danger; the dark hues represent their hidden nature always living in the shadows.
Photography Linda Mosterd
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