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A thunderstorm is as marvelous as it is destructive, which explains why the experience of witnessing one might feel simultaneously haunting and tranquilizing. It is these aspects that are explored and put together through this collection.
The “Lichtenberg”-collection focuses on thunderstorms, and derives its name from the mark which is left on victims struck by lightning. The mark has a branch-like shape and is scientifically known as a Lichtenberg figure. Each of the garments includes one or more metal-elements, whether as attached details or as the main-component in the fabric itself. This reflects the fact that lightning is especially attracted to metal.
It is as if the garments are inviting thunderstorms to come out and play with the wearer – leaving its evidence all over the body in the form of Lichtenberg figures.Many of the garments also imitate lightning in the way light is reflected from the metallic beads or chains that are attached to them.
Photography: Linda Mosterd
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