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Future Generation

With white, we paint the next edition of Future Generation, the future of

Beauty and the Beast

Collaboration between Disney and Fashionweek, inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast.


“How long will we be able to consume the way we do? Will dwindling resources force us to re-asses how and why we buy?”





” Haven suggest a safe place.”








“Incubus suggest the darkness and fragility of nightmares with the dark palette and sculptured pieces with leather details which give depth and movement to the garments.”




Buried in Water


“The ocean possesses an aura of mystery, adventure and intrigue mankind have always been attracted to it’s wonders and danger.

Zyanya Keizer A/W 12  collection explores legends and myths of the sea, essentially focusing on sea monsters.”







“A thunderstorm is as marvelous as it is destructive, which explains why the experience of witnessing one might feel simultaneously haunting and tranquilizing.”






“The Collection Of Ocultos entre el bosque is based on a surrealistic forest where there is a combination of man made environment and raw nature living within each other.

The Garments are inspired by the armor of insects combined with the soft obscurity of a forest by nightfall.”



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