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The collection is about fears that most people can relate to, Like the fear of the dark, fear for what is lingering under the bed, nightmares where one can not wake up.
It especially focuses in the sleeping condition ‘sleep paralysis’ where one temporarily experiences an inability to move it is described as a transition state between wakefulness and rest, characterized by muscle paralysis, meaning it has lost strength. It is described as an experience of deep sense of terror, an inability to talk or attack, a helplessness that intensifies why dreams or hallucinations are so vivid. Some inspiration also comes from the painting “The nightmare” by Henry Fuseli who’s infamous painting has birthed discussions about nightmares and have sparked many theories about the meaning of dreams as well as being a clear illustration of this sleeping condition.
The collection suggest the darkness and fragility of nightmares with the dark palette and sculptured pieces with leather details which give depth and movement to the garments. There is also a recurrent play with beads, in this case glass beads.
Photography: Jun Kim, Styling: Pascal Joel, Weber Hair&Makeup: Jolanda Lagerweij
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